Monday, April 30, 2012

Marvelous Monday!

So this morning I woke up struggling with the 3rd Marvelous Monday installment.  It was, afterall, another gray, cold, wet, blah morning that caused moans and groans and covers being pulled over my head when the alarm went off 3-4 times...

But, folks, I've got to say, I feel like the blogs gods were with me today when my inspirational post for the week was basically handed to me at 9:00 AM.

Want to know what could possibly be sooo marvelous that it is unquestionably blog worry?

How about this bundle of joy?!

Everyone, I'd like you to meet puppy (name still unknown).  Puppy will be my housemate this summer!
The photo of this little guy was sent to me along with a proposition from our friend Ian.  Wanting a dog himself, and knowing of my husband's not so friendly leanings towards dogs, he offered to share this precious guy with me for the summer while he was away then reclaim him when he (and husband) come back for school in the fall.  Could the situation be more perfect?! I think not.

Soooo, ever since finding out I would be foster parenting a pup for the next few months (hello dream come true!) I've been a bit distracted thinking about what to do to get ready for the little guy.  I've come up with a little puppy wishlist that I'm hoping my local PetCo will help me fulfill.

I think I've got some pretty great stuff on my list, but I PROMISE to try and avoid a marriage mishap and go TOO overboard like these guys did....

but Oh Man! Shopping for a dog is going to be so fun!

Any advice on good doggie products? I'd love to hear your suggestions for my shopping list!

I'll update with pictures of our new house guest soon!



  1. YAY, foster pup! I, of course, have way too much information about dogs and dog shopping, so let's talk soon. Kongs, soft balls, and tug toys are all fairly essential fare! Hope to meet him soon!

    1. Abby, I was just about to send you a message to pick your brain about such things. You can be thinking about it for me to discuss tomorrow night! Can't wait!

  2. So sweet!! I don't know how you'll be able to give him away in August! Gatsby likes Kong toys the best because they're so durable and he can't easily chew/eat them.

    So is Joe going to be gone all summer?!

    Love you, and happy early anniversary! :)

    1. That's what I keep hearing; I think kong toys must be the way to go. And yes, he's working 2 different firm jobs this summer, one in Jackson and one in Birmingham. So me, Eliza, and Puppy will be keeping each other company for the summer months!

      Miss you! Good luck with finals!


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