Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Details for Lunch

Once again, I have taken far too much time away from the blogging world.  If all my readers left, I heartily support your decision.. but please come back!

Of course much has happened in the last month and half, but I won't bore away with too many of the details.

HOWEVER just to play a quick catch up, here are a few of the highlights:
*Joe and I were confirmed at Christ Episcopal Church in Charlottesville.  We LOVE our new church home are so blessed to have been welcomed by so many wonderful people!
*During spring break the hubby surprised me with a quick jaunt over to Niagara Falls.  Yes as in the waterfalls in western NY and Canada. It was an INCREDIBLE adventure.
*We ended his spring break with a weekend at the Chesapeake Bay with our law school family.  Playing mafia will never feel the same.
*I spent a few.. or more than few.. hours in the kitchen. My greater accomplishments/attempts included my new favorite recipe for strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream for a friends birthday, and a Dianna original pot roast for law school family Easter lunch.  (Not quite as good as mom's and grandmother's, but I'll get there)
*Finally, I began working for an organization very close to Joe and I: the University of Virginia School of Law. It seems we can't get away from this place! But it's quite alright, because it's a wonderful program that Joe and I are so grateful for... and I am happy to plan their events!

It's lunch, so no pictures right now, but I promise to follow up with outstanding photos soon!

Yay Law School!!

Dianna (and by extension her hubby, Joe)

UPDATE: A few of the promised pictures from past adventures.

Our first UVA Baseball game.. do we look like we are dressed for baseball weather?

Learning to drive in snow instead of rain!

Temperature upon our arrival to Niagara Falls, in March

Sunrise over of the Falls

View of Horseshoe Falls from the legal place to view them.

 View of Horseshoe Falls that almost got us arrested.. actually arrested, not figuratively.

From Skylon Tower in Canada

Sunset over the Chesapeake Bay

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