Monday, April 30, 2012

Marvelous Monday!

So this morning I woke up struggling with the 3rd Marvelous Monday installment.  It was, afterall, another gray, cold, wet, blah morning that caused moans and groans and covers being pulled over my head when the alarm went off 3-4 times...

But, folks, I've got to say, I feel like the blogs gods were with me today when my inspirational post for the week was basically handed to me at 9:00 AM.

Want to know what could possibly be sooo marvelous that it is unquestionably blog worry?

How about this bundle of joy?!

Everyone, I'd like you to meet puppy (name still unknown).  Puppy will be my housemate this summer!
The photo of this little guy was sent to me along with a proposition from our friend Ian.  Wanting a dog himself, and knowing of my husband's not so friendly leanings towards dogs, he offered to share this precious guy with me for the summer while he was away then reclaim him when he (and husband) come back for school in the fall.  Could the situation be more perfect?! I think not.

Soooo, ever since finding out I would be foster parenting a pup for the next few months (hello dream come true!) I've been a bit distracted thinking about what to do to get ready for the little guy.  I've come up with a little puppy wishlist that I'm hoping my local PetCo will help me fulfill.

I think I've got some pretty great stuff on my list, but I PROMISE to try and avoid a marriage mishap and go TOO overboard like these guys did....

but Oh Man! Shopping for a dog is going to be so fun!

Any advice on good doggie products? I'd love to hear your suggestions for my shopping list!

I'll update with pictures of our new house guest soon!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hubby Birthday!

Happy Birthday to THIS Guy!

If you are on the Virginia Is for Lovers blogging train, then you know this guy deserves a very special day all his own. Unfortunately, since Law School finals have arrived, we decided that this year we would pretend that April 29 was actually yesterday.... of course that did not stop me from bringing over the birthday wishes and celebrations to his TRUE Jour de Naissance, because, personally, I think this hubby deserves two days of celebration anyway!

My incredible husband sadly spent the better part of his pseudo birthday and his real birthday studying for those darn finals, but I tried to make his few hours of freedom extra special with some festive handmade frills and a cake I knew he wouldn't be able to pass on.

Birthday Corner at the Davis'

TL: Birthday Banner printed from Anders Ruff, TR: Beverage Bucket for tailgates
BL: Bucket adorned with Dianna original cutouts BR: Paper ornaments on twine (tutorial from the Handmade Home)

When I was trying to decide what kind of cake to make my hubby for his special day, I knew whatever the flavors, it needed to be "manly." And what says manly bakery delight more than a cake imitating the flavors of an Irish Car Bomb?  That's right. Each major part of the cake featured one of the ingredients found in an Irish Car Bomb, you know, the over the top beverage composed of three different irish alcohols.  An Irish stout went into the chocolate cake, Irish Liqueur such as Bailey's Irish Cream went into this fabulous swiss meringue buttercream, and irish whiskey flavored the chocolate ganache.  
(The full recipe to be posted in my recipe box soon!)

So Happy Birthday to you, Love.  You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I love celebrating your birth!!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24, 1990.. TWINS!

Folks, this week I have a very important topic to discuss.


Today, 22 years ago, my sweet parents gave me not one, but TWO little siblings, and for this I am very grateful.  These guys are the best and today is their Birthday!

As you can see this picture is a little dated, but other than my sister becoming more beautiful, my brother more handsome, and myself not so blonde... not much has changed!

Well, maybe a little more has changed.  Jennifer Catherine Majors Cranford grew up, got married, and is working on becoming a nurse. Also, she's even more INCREDIBLE than she was 4 years ago!  Jenn has one of the most giving, loving hearts of anyone I have ever known and her big sister seriously looks up to her.  She's also just pretty cool.  She owns a hammock, rocks an acoustic guitar, and if she were ever stranded in the wild, the only thing that would need be afraid are the ducks she would hunt and eat for dinner. Oh, and she'd stay incredibly beautiful doing it.

And then there is Joshua Wallace Majors.  A tall, lean, handsome boy that we've had to all but lock away to keep the girls from throwing themselves at him.  But, really, who can blame them? He has become a mean drummer, aspiring pianist, and has a tremendously beautiful voice.  Basically, he's a musical machine.  OH, and did I mention he too is a fierce hunter? I guess too much blame can't be put on the girls... he's just a little too amazing.  He does like to tease his sister maybe a BIT too much, but I guess his general awesomeness makes up for his little-brotherness.  :)

I am so proud of these two!
P.S. Another very important birthday post is soon too follow.. can you guess who it will be for?


Monday, April 23, 2012

Marvelous Monday!

This weekend was not one that lent itself to propelling me into a joyful Monday morning.  It was a short, rainy weekend that led to an early, rainy Monday morning.. HOWEVER, cold, gloomy, rainy, and just blah mornings like this remind me that it's APRIL! and you know what they say...
"April Showers Bring May Flowers!"

So this Monday, I hope you can marvel with me at these promisng photos of what I have to look forward to of Charlottesville in May!

Bring on the Tulips

TJ's Monticello looks even more incredible in spring!
Cannot wait for perfect patio-seating weather, because the Downtown Mall has PLENTY to offer.

These pictures are unfortunately not my own, but I'll be out with a camera in just a few weeks!

Have a Marvelous Monday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marvelous Monday! Er.. Tuesday.

In my desperate attempt to get excited at the beginning of the week and not just the end, I've decided on installing a new staple to the blog of Mrs. Davis.. Marvelous Mondays! And this Monday I had a great post all planned out, and then I got busy and sick and tired.

Sooooo this week we are going to be having a Marvelous TUESDAY people!

And today's marvelous installment is all about running!
I once felt I could call myself a runner (though still a loose interpretation), and then I got married and moved to Charlottesville.  If you know anything about Charlottesville or just Virginia period, you know the hills around here are KILLER! But I'm finely regaining my running stamia and along with the incredible spring that has descended on these parts and my...

brand new running shoes! I've inpsired myself to get back out there starting with my Marvelous Monday run of 4.5 miles.

I'll try to keep it up, and of course, let you know how it goes!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Details for Lunch

Once again, I have taken far too much time away from the blogging world.  If all my readers left, I heartily support your decision.. but please come back!

Of course much has happened in the last month and half, but I won't bore away with too many of the details.

HOWEVER just to play a quick catch up, here are a few of the highlights:
*Joe and I were confirmed at Christ Episcopal Church in Charlottesville.  We LOVE our new church home are so blessed to have been welcomed by so many wonderful people!
*During spring break the hubby surprised me with a quick jaunt over to Niagara Falls.  Yes as in the waterfalls in western NY and Canada. It was an INCREDIBLE adventure.
*We ended his spring break with a weekend at the Chesapeake Bay with our law school family.  Playing mafia will never feel the same.
*I spent a few.. or more than few.. hours in the kitchen. My greater accomplishments/attempts included my new favorite recipe for strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream for a friends birthday, and a Dianna original pot roast for law school family Easter lunch.  (Not quite as good as mom's and grandmother's, but I'll get there)
*Finally, I began working for an organization very close to Joe and I: the University of Virginia School of Law. It seems we can't get away from this place! But it's quite alright, because it's a wonderful program that Joe and I are so grateful for... and I am happy to plan their events!

It's lunch, so no pictures right now, but I promise to follow up with outstanding photos soon!

Yay Law School!!

Dianna (and by extension her hubby, Joe)

UPDATE: A few of the promised pictures from past adventures.

Our first UVA Baseball game.. do we look like we are dressed for baseball weather?

Learning to drive in snow instead of rain!

Temperature upon our arrival to Niagara Falls, in March

Sunrise over of the Falls

View of Horseshoe Falls from the legal place to view them.

 View of Horseshoe Falls that almost got us arrested.. actually arrested, not figuratively.

From Skylon Tower in Canada

Sunset over the Chesapeake Bay