Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24, 1990.. TWINS!

Folks, this week I have a very important topic to discuss.


Today, 22 years ago, my sweet parents gave me not one, but TWO little siblings, and for this I am very grateful.  These guys are the best and today is their Birthday!

As you can see this picture is a little dated, but other than my sister becoming more beautiful, my brother more handsome, and myself not so blonde... not much has changed!

Well, maybe a little more has changed.  Jennifer Catherine Majors Cranford grew up, got married, and is working on becoming a nurse. Also, she's even more INCREDIBLE than she was 4 years ago!  Jenn has one of the most giving, loving hearts of anyone I have ever known and her big sister seriously looks up to her.  She's also just pretty cool.  She owns a hammock, rocks an acoustic guitar, and if she were ever stranded in the wild, the only thing that would need be afraid are the ducks she would hunt and eat for dinner. Oh, and she'd stay incredibly beautiful doing it.

And then there is Joshua Wallace Majors.  A tall, lean, handsome boy that we've had to all but lock away to keep the girls from throwing themselves at him.  But, really, who can blame them? He has become a mean drummer, aspiring pianist, and has a tremendously beautiful voice.  Basically, he's a musical machine.  OH, and did I mention he too is a fierce hunter? I guess too much blame can't be put on the girls... he's just a little too amazing.  He does like to tease his sister maybe a BIT too much, but I guess his general awesomeness makes up for his little-brotherness.  :)

I am so proud of these two!
P.S. Another very important birthday post is soon too follow.. can you guess who it will be for?



  1. Picture has become dated. I see what you did there.

    1. I can always depend on you to understand my word play. Thanks baby.


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