Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marvelous Monday! Er.. Tuesday.

In my desperate attempt to get excited at the beginning of the week and not just the end, I've decided on installing a new staple to the blog of Mrs. Davis.. Marvelous Mondays! And this Monday I had a great post all planned out, and then I got busy and sick and tired.

Sooooo this week we are going to be having a Marvelous TUESDAY people!

And today's marvelous installment is all about running!
I once felt I could call myself a runner (though still a loose interpretation), and then I got married and moved to Charlottesville.  If you know anything about Charlottesville or just Virginia period, you know the hills around here are KILLER! But I'm finely regaining my running stamia and along with the incredible spring that has descended on these parts and my...

brand new running shoes! I've inpsired myself to get back out there starting with my Marvelous Monday run of 4.5 miles.

I'll try to keep it up, and of course, let you know how it goes!


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