Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer Change-Up

Happy Friday blog friends!

I come to you with a new idea and a request for input and favors. 

As a new season is hurrying closer, I deicded it was time to shake things up a bit via le blog du Davises to kick off the summer.  Sooo I'm proposing a series of blog posts based on all the promised posts of aparment renovations, crafts, and recipes that I still haven't gotten around to uploading.

Here's where I could use your expert advice.  I have set aside some blog pages for recipes and the like, but I wonder if it wouldn't just be better to post each on my home page then later reference them within each of the categorized tabs.... hmm... If any of you lovlies have achieved separating out your blog, I would love to hear how you did it! Also, do you think it's aesthically pleasing and more accessible to post this way?

Finally, I have a favor to ask.  I love blogging and I don't think I just post for the sake of attention, but, let's be real, it is nice to know that there are friends in cyberspace enjoying your joys and gaining inspiration as I KNOW I've gained lots of inspiration, ideas, recipes, perspectives, etc. from fellow bloggers such as yourselves.  SO, if you do exist as a reader and are not currently a "follower" of Virginia is for Lovers, be a pal and let me know you are out there by subscribing to the Davises!

Thanks for the help friends, and as a reward, I leave you with a few snapshots of my summer roommate (he will probably be featured in plenty of posts over the next few months)

Thor-Dog of Thunder.

Have a Fantastic Weekend!



  1. Oh my word, he is an absolute DOLL! (Definitely shiba in there somewhere.) I am so jealous. He is just beautiful. Can't wait to meet him in person, and here's to hoping we can have some play-dates with Thor and our future dog! :)


  3. Being a law school wifey is NOT fun in the summers. I'm glad I saw this because I am now proposing that while Tyler leaves me for his internship this Summer, I will be buying a pup! :) Love keeping up with y'all!


    1. Don't I know it! I'm still not a 100% sure about this husband be gone for 13 weeks bit, but I am 100% positive that a new puppy is just what I need to make it through... and I'm pretty sure you need one too! Good luck!

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