Thursday, October 25, 2012

Seasonal Decorating

Well despite the fact that the forecasted high for today is 79 degrees, fall really is in full swing here in Virginia. We're having a strange dose of Indian summer this week, but the weather channel is promising that next week our temperatures will match the yellow, orange, and red that has taken over this area of the country. The Davis household, too, has taken on all the great autumnal hues of the season with mums, pumpkins, wreaths, and some pretty framed paper telling us exactly what time of year it is adorning our faux-mantel (faux, because it is actually the shelf that houses our speakers, but those aren't very pretty so I cover them up despite my husband's contention).

The letters were really easy and minimally time consuming to make. I started out with a few sheets of pretty paper measuring 12x12. Some came from my craft closet and the rest I bought from the single sheet bins at Michaels. (Be sure to use a coupon if you go; they ALWAYS have them available online!)
I cut the sheets down to 8x10 and 5x7 squares to fit my frames. This takes a little planning to make sure you get your paper in the order you want.

I also picked up some stencils from Michaels while I was there. I loved the font for these, but there are so many possibilities of how you could do this! If only I was artsy and could free hand... *sigh*

Use high gloss craft paint in a dark color to get the letters to stand out from the background. Mine is of course Martha Stewart.

The next step is pretty self-explanatory. Paint in the stencils and don't worry if your lines aren't exact. I think the homemade look adds charm to these little guys.

Annnd... VOILA! Frame them up and display!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I cannot get enough of this time of year. I think decorating our little apartment is just my way of trying to bring some of the beauty out there, in here. Have you ever stopped to think about how strange and magnificent it is that the earth is at its most colorful right before it becomes the most bleak? God crafted the seasons to take us from the radiant heat of summer into a bold and crisp fall that transforms the earth into fiery color just before everything dies and becomes dismal and barren; and then from the nothingness He brings new life in spring with some of the sweetest shades imaginable. Who else could have thought to order life this way? Who else could have known how to precisely purpose the world like this? Only one; and to Him I am in awe.

I hope you're getting a chance to take in this beauty in like I am! With any luck Joe and I will be out and about in it again soon.. I think there may be some apple picking in our future!


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  1. Wow this is so creative and so pretty! I am definitely going to try this!

    Thank you for the idea <3

    Happy Thursday!!

  2. LOVE!!! Such an easy, fun little project!!

  3. my friend and i were going to make some fall crafts exactly like this but ours would say fall but i think autumn is better to say! love your fall er rather autumn decorations ;-)

    1. Well thanks! I needed it to say "Autumn" to cover all the speakers :)Fall wasn't enough letters.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, mom! I owe any of my crafting skills to you!

  5. oh girl this is SO cute! i bookmarked this for when i have a fireplace and can actually do this:)
    thanks for stopping by!

  6. Really cool decoration! I love that it's so simple!


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