Friday, October 12, 2012

A Little Recap

I never remember to take pictures.. I'm getting better (as you will soon see) but usually I'm terrible.  Soooo I thought maybe in lieu of Friday's Letters today I would post pictures of our last two terrific weekends full of excitement and adventure!!... but really it's because I took pictures and now I need to do something with them.

It all started out with a sick husband, sick wife, and cuddly cat who is always doing cute things...

We quickly got over our sickness, however, with the help of some very legitimate Oktoberfest provisions.

And after being completely cured of our ailments, we headed out to the Foxfield Horse Races for some fun in the sun...

Annnd... that's where we saw this guy. And, for a little while I was not having so much fun anymore.

But then sweet friends came along and saved the day (for me at least... I'm pretty sure my dear husband partook in that pig)

And along the way our cat continued to do cute things... yoga is her favorite.

The next week we took off on a road trip through West Virginia and into Kentucky. We could not have asked for a more beautiful drive.

We made it to Lexington, KY where my husband promptly found the largest burbon bar around and declared he was in heaven.... I'm not the only one not getting this, right?

Hubby tried his first HotBrown... and based on the reaction, I think perhaps his last...

And my MIL got artsy with her picture taking....

And a man brought his cowbell and Mississippi State became 5-0 and all was well.

Finally, we finished off the weekend with a freezing cold, but completely-worth-it hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
 I cannot advocate this place enough.  If you are ever this way, you MUST MUST MUST experience these mountains. I know there are much bigger and better, but there's nothing like driving through rolling farmland and into tree canopied mountain roads then hiking up to views of those blue ridges and valleys as far as the eye can see to make a girl think she could have been a farmer's wife. : )  I guess its too bad I get home to the greatest husband ever and remember how much I love walking across the street to the grocery store.

I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful weeekend!



  1. Um wow, that pig is pretty freaky/nasty lol! That's definitely an adventure haha!

    - Sarah

  2. omg that pig would scare me so bad!
    and you looked so glamorous.... love the hat:)


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