Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy, Sandy Go Away

Nothing like a kitchen chalkboard to set the mood for the Davis apartment, and I think this message says it all.  Joe and I have been cooped up all day just biding our time before the power goes out. Based on the last year and a half in this apartment, it seems pretty inevitable. So, I've tried to prepare us as much as possible.  Made a quick grocery store run this morning for non-perishables and batteries then filled the water bottles and cleaned the house while I still had a chance.  As Mississippians by birth seeing more than enough hurricane damage and with family living on the coast weathering through the likes of Camille, Katrina and Ike we've learned a thing or two about hurricane preparedness. Thankfully, it seems we won't be seeing too much of Sandy (or the crazy blizzard happening just west of us!), but our thoughts and deep prayers go out to those on the east coast and in West Virginia.

So for now, we wait (as I currently watch the wind pick up outside) -- snacks, books, and board games at the ready.

I hope everyone is staying safe, dry, and warm! 



  1. hope you are safe and sound and there is no damage!!

  2. I live in VA as well and man that rain and wind was nasty from Sandy!! Sunday we lost power for a bit, glad all that is past us :D PS..Im new to blogging and found your page, I love it!

    1. Hi! And thank you for stopping by! We were hoping we would get some of that West Virginia snow (as lifelong Mississippians, snow still seems very exciting) but as I'm sure you know, we had no such luck. Glad y'all made it out of the storm okay!


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