Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Party Pinwheels and more

Yesterday, September 17, was my precious little brother's 14th birthday!! It's amazing to me that one of the first kids I ever took care of is now 14 years of age... *sigh* but that is not the point of this post. I was talking to my mom about her preparations for his "family birthday dinner" ( a huge tradition in our house) and realized I am very much a girl after my mother's own heart. Every birthday and holiday was a great celebration in the Majors household. Every holiday included my mom making any where from 3-10 wreaths to hang in and around the house and every birthday brought half of Party City into our living room. Well turns out when you grow up in a house like that you become an event planner. At least in my case...

Bringing us to the point of this post: I thought I would share some easy (yet somewhat time consuming) DIY birthday decorations that I made for my husband's birthday back in April, which you can read about here.


I first made some festive birthday pinwheels like ones I had spotted on pinterest, and strung them up across our dining nook.


1. To make the pinwheels I used a mini stapler and sheets of 5 x 7 paper I got from Michaels to scrapbook. This was a better use.

 2. I folded 2 sheets of the same pattern accordian style.

 3. Then, I put one on top of the other with the fronts facing the same way and stapled in the middle. 

4. Finally, all I had to do to finish these up was fan them back out and staple the two sides where they met. Anndd Voila!

 I hung mine with closepins on yarn because I ran out of time to thread them together. It worked out for me!
I also made a super easy Happy Birthday penant banner (as seen above) from some free printables found here. Just pick your patterns, fill in the letter, print, cut, and presto! Birthday Banner.

One of Joe's birthday happies was what will most likely be used as a tailgaiting bucket and some local craft beer from around Charlottesville to fill it up.  I birthdayed up the tub using recycled wedding supplies.

I just downloaded a neat font from DaFont, printed, cut out with a Martha Stewart Circle cutter and pasted onto some scalloped card stock that I affixed to the tub with ribbon.  Easy, cheap project.. especially when everything comes from your craft closet.
Hope you get some party crafting inspiration!


  1. Love your decorations DD! Everything looks so pretty! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  2. so pretty! you are really talented......
    Looks great!
    Your little brother is so lucky to have you around!


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