Thursday, September 13, 2012

25 and some the wiser

Well boys and girls, I have reached my quarter of a century year of life. It has been quite a journey getting here, but I am reveling in being 25. I'd like to think I've made some decent accomplishments in my lifetime thus far, and perhaps am even a little bit wiser than I was a year ago.

A few of the lessons I've learned:
Family is by far the most reliable and loving thing I've got going in
my life, and I am so very thankful. Never take them for granted.
Having a husband is the very best. Love him.
Stress really does give you wrinkles. It's not worth it -- which is why I'm still
working on being a worry-free kind of gal.
Keeping your own house is not easy.  I thought I was a clean freak until I had my
own home.. now I've decided it's OKAY if people come over and
I only vacuumed two days ago.
J Crew Factory is one of the best resources a wardrobe could ask for.
Second on that list is probably Target.
It is okay if your first few jobs aren't perfect, or even ideal. I don't think anyone lands
a dream job in their 20's these days.. and if you do CONGRATULATIONS! You are
 ahead of the curb. I am thankful to be where I am now, but I can't wait to see where else
 my career journey will take me. Just make sure to take advantage of every resource to
learn and continue learning and growing it whatever you are doing now.
 It can only make you more desirable later!
Finally, making new friends is a MUST if you are 800 miles away from the old
ones. Staying in touch with friends is certainly worth it, but they aren't going to be
the ones to hang out with you when your hubby's out of town or you need some game-night
therapy. Whether it's through church, community programs like the Junior League
or you know, law school classmates of your husband... find a way to meet people.
 Unless you are in your hometown, chances are you are surrounded by
 tons of other 20somethings looking to make friends as well.
Sooo while I wasn't pondering my deep-seeded 25-year-old-wisdom, I was celebrating this new year of life with new friends! My precious husband went above and beyond his normal planning capabilities to surprise me with a great day of friends, wine tastings, limo riding, fabulous fruit and chocolate cake from my fav bakery, and a bike (in a very appropriate champagne with pink and leather details)!


Have a wonderful rest of your week. It's almost Friday!


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