Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall To-Dos

Being in Virginia has been pretty wonderful so far.  Yes, at times being away from our family and all of our old friends is very difficult, but we have been so very blessed to meet some wonderful folks here that help to fill the void. There is something that Virginia offers though that, I'm sorry Mississippi, just does not compare to home. I know you all know what I'm talking about. It's all ANYONE is talking about these days... FALL! AUTUMN! HARVEST SEASON! L'AUTOMNE!

Really though, what is there not to like? Sweaters, boots, football, beautiful scenery, bonfires.. should I go on? Well I'm going to, because this season the husband and I are trying to absorb everything fall has to offer, especially around Charlottesville. I've created a little bucket list for us, and I plan on checking off every.single.thing.

What to do this Autumn:


1. Apple Picking
2. At LEAST two winery tours

3. Foxfield Horce Races - if you're not from Cville, just picture a racetrack surrounding a large field of great local food vendors, puppy racing stalls, and carnival-like attractions for kids and families next to tents of obnoxious graduate students in full-on Kentucky Derby wear. It's a can't miss. (Please note the appropriate attire won by husband and me)

4. Pumkpin Picking (or maybe just visiting a pumkpin patch after they've picked the pumpkins...)

5. Hiking Old Rag Mountain. Or really just any hiking that allows us to see views like this one from last fall.
6. Attend multiple Octoberfest events (starting with our first one tomorrow night here!)
7. And last, only because it technically has nothing to do with Virginia, but ALL to do with fall... travel over to Lexington, KY to see our very own Missisippi State Bulldogs!

What are your plans for the fall? My bucket list could always use more inspiration!



  1. I just love your fall to do list and am so jealous that it is so beautiful there!! Enjoy :)

    1. Thanks Callie! We are all about to-do lists at my house so, naturally, it seemed the best way to get into the fall spririt!

  2. I hope you guys have a great Autumn. Especially since you are away from family. It sounds like you have the right outlook about it. I love the change in seasons. It's perfect after having a long hot summer =)

    - Sarah


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