Friday, August 10, 2012

There and Back Again

**Fair Warning: This post is a million years old, but I needed to get it out of my draft box and move on with my blogging life.**

Monday, July 9

Well friends, I told you I would be M.I.A. from the blog world for a bit, and I didn't lie!
The past 8 days took me all over the south east and to see my husband and LOTS of family and friends. 

My little Honda Civic got VERY LITERALLY over 2,000 miles put on it this past week and I spent a good 30 + hours enjoying the view from within.  It was an incredible week, but man, talk about needing a vacation from your vacation! As much as it pains me to re-separate from my darling husband, I've got to tell you: this girl was pretty stoked to sleep in her own bed last night and spend a quiet Monday behind a desk.

The following is a small account of the hubs and I trying to experience some new things from some great southern cities. We started off in Birmingham where Joe is working for the latter half of the summer...

1. Vulcan, an almost 200 year old statue that overlooks Birmingham, Alabama and features a history of Birmingham museum and park... and we experienced the whole shebang. We toured the park and the museum and then climbed to the top of Vulcan for a magnificent view overlooking the "Steel City."
2. A not-so-great self-taken photo at the top of Vulcan. Well hello bangs! At least my husband's cute.
3. There's a new place in Bham called Steel City Pops. If you live in the area and have not been, you MUST GO! I'm not sure if they are only open for the summer or if it will be year-round, but the new popsicle business was bustling when we arrived and for good reason! Homemade, fresh popsicles made from whole fruits, vegetables, cream, or all of the above. This is my Strawberries and Cream and it was TO DIE FOR!
4. After leaving Birmingham, Joe and I hit the road to head even further south to a little place I like to go..New Orleans, Louisiana. Basically our ENTIRE trip was planned around where to eat and drink (there may have been a few law firm interviews mixed in, but we all know what was really the important part of the trip.)  This was one of the many venues we managed to cram into our two-day trip. French 75. It's a cocktail lover's dream come true. Listed as one of Esquire magazine's Top 5 Cocktail Bars in America, this classy joint was at the top of my husband's list of places to stop in. And it absolutely did not disappoint.
5.I was a horrible photographer during our trip, but I did manage to at least get a photo of one of my NOLA favs.. did anyone say beignets? Why, yes! And these giant beignets accompanied by a live jazz trio at Cafe Beignet was just what our mid-afternoon in the Big Easy required.
6. We finished up our last night in New Orleans by visiting the city's area best known for its plethora of music clubs... Frenchman Street! The night we were in town, this jazz club hosted Kristina Morales & the Bayou Shufflers. Fabulous!

As I said, I failed as the trip photographer, but I am happy to report that the rest of the week was just as tremendous with lots of visits to grandparents, parents, siblings, and friends from all over Mississippi.

Hope your Monday was as peaceful as mine!

P.S. I realize it is no longer Monday, but we will just pretend this was posted on the day it was orginially intended. But really, HAPPY WEEKEND!

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