Monday, May 7, 2012

Amazing, MARVELOUS.. Anniversary!

As you most likely could have guessed, today's Monday highlight is all about my husband and greatest joy, because today we celebrate our 1 year anniversary!

It so so strange to me that we have been married for an entire year! Our wedding day is still so vivid in my mind... the super early morning that was a little chilly and dewy.. much like today.. having 20 people congratulate and try to give me day-of and marriage advice while getting my makeup done at Merle Norman, seeing my handsome groom for the first time on our wedding day, doing my best to be cool, calm and collected when my bridesmaids tried to very nonchalantly let me know that we were short a bouquet BUT IT WAS GOING TO BE FINE! NBD!... they handled it very well.. crying as as I watched our bridal party march to the alter to the most beautiful rendition of "Amazing Grace" I've ever heard... thank you Dr. Lesley, choir, and bagpiper!.. trying to figure out what it felt like to be MARRIED as my new husband drove us to OUR wedding reception.. there are just so many details and feelings that are still so prominent from that day... I don't believe 365 have passed since then!

But then again, I think back on what this past year has been and it seems too many memories have been made for it to only be 1 year!

I very honestly know that a year ago today I married my best friend and the one person in this world that I was meant to spend the rest of my life with.  He has brought me more happiness, laughter, and comfort than I could ever try to recount.  Aside from my Salvation, he is kind of the best thing that has ever happened to me!

I knew I loved this guy a whole lot when I agreed to share the rest of my life with him a year ago, but I had no idea that in a year's time I could love him even more! And so much more that it blows me away! How is it possible to care this much about any one person? I suppose there is only one answer to that, and it is the very powerful, loving God that has enabled Joe and I to grow in love and continue loving each other more and more each day.

Now, for fear of sounding like an ingenuine greeting card, I will confess that there have been of course many struggles as The Davises. Afterall, moving to a new home 12+ hours away from everyone we knew merely weeks after our honeymoon with one of us starting our first post-college job and the other trying to make it through the first year of law school is not an ideal situation for young newlyweds. And yes, hearts got broken, toes stepped on, feelings hurt, but when looking back on the year it is really easy to forget all those things, because we are learning why they happened. We are growing from them. And we are more in love today than the past 7 years of our relationship!

Happy Anniversary, love! And to all the upcoming summer anniversaries, Happy Marriage to you as well! I hope your love continues to grow and flourish as I am so thankful ours has!

Mrs. Dianna Davis!

A few favs from our very special day..

All photo credits belong to The Lovely Union.


  1. Such a beautiful couple! Such beautiful photos!

  2. I remember the 1 year anniversary being SO MUCH FUN. I smashed the cake in my hubs face at our wedding, but he was nice enough not to do it back. One our anniversary we got the cake topper from our cake place and got pictures of him smashing that one in my face lol. Priceless. Wow you were a lovely bride =) Congrats!!

    - Sarah

    1. Thanks Sarah! I love your cake story! My husband and I promised each other before hand we wouldn't do that to ease the tension, but no one will be taking pictures of us tonight.. hmm..

  3. Beautiful wedding photos!! Congratulations on 1 year!!



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