Monday, June 4, 2012

Lack of Inspiration

So you know how you are only supposed to blog when you have something really great to blog about? Well, that's what I think at least. So when the other half of the newlyweds from which this newlywed blog is inspired leaves town for 3 months, I decided that there just hasn't been a whole lot of inspiration to warrent a new post.

However, after 3 weeks of losing my Virginia Lover and thinking myself doomed to an uninspired summer in which I would have nothing to blog about I've reflected and realized these last few weeks have actually been pretty stinkin eventful. I went into massive "complete apartment projects" mode which included a little repainting of this and reupholstering of that and buying out half of Home Goods , my amazing family came to visit and we did more in 48 hours then I usually do in a week, I've taught a sweet puppy all kinds of new tricks.. including almost being potty trained, and I successfully got through multiple dinner events, conferences, and a graduation for the law school. It's not really like things have been super slow. I have no excuses.

Soooo very soon, when I'm not on the clock, I will revisit my blog full of picture recaps of recent adventures and hopefully some inspiring decor projects I (mostly) successfully managed.

Thanks for sticking with me.


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