Tuesday, May 6, 2014


and the living is eeeeasyyyy."

For the last several work days, I've been sitting in my windowless office daydreaming of what is to come this weekend. Betcha can't guess where I'm headed?!

Yep, to da beach! Growing up in Mississippi with family living on the coast, the beach was at least a semi-annual trip. We'd always go for Spring Break (even if it was 65 degrees and windy, we were determined to get tan and have fun in the sun even if it meant bodies covered in chill bumps!), at least once in the summer, and if really lucky, again right around Labor Day. There's almost nothing better than the hot sun, a good book, beach snacks, and the turquoise salty water to cool you off. Since moving to Virginia, husband and I have only made it back to the beach once. He took me approximately 8 1/2 months ago (not that I'm counting) for a weekend birthday trip to the sleepy shore-town of Cape Charles.

This weekend we will be introduced to a new beach -- the highly anticipated North Carolinian (?) Outer Banks. People love these beaches, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about!

I do feel mildly bad that while I'm here daydreaming of sun and making beach wishlists in my windowless office, husband is in a windowless room taking his 3rd of 4 law exams... at least by the time the week is over, he will be completely finished with all law school tests forever! (phew, less guilty feeling now)

ANYWAY, here's a list of a few suits and beach necessities I've been eying. I'm particularly excited about these beach towel steals at Target. Nate Berkus has a whole line of colorful, geometric patterns and all for under $20! I'm also a tad in love with anything J Crew AND seer sucker...

Beach Dreaming

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  1. Great pics! love your taste :)

    Cathy Vargas
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