Wednesday, May 7, 2014

3 Years and Couting!

Today's post is dedicated to my one and only: Happy Anniversary, Love!

Want to know what seems to operate out of all space and time? How about marriage? Today marks three years from the day when I said "I Do" to the boy I knew was meant for me when he was placed in my life seven years earlier.

Three years seems to have flown by and so much has happened, yet at the same time I'm prettttty sure we just go married yesterday! I remember very clearly getting up early that morning and going to Joe's grandparents home where our reception would be held that evening with my dad and sister. I needed to meet with the caterer and florist to make sure everyone knew where everything should be (not controling at all, right?!) It was a perfect day in May, and I had never felt so blessed and loved -- from the strangers in Merle Norman who wished me "congratulations" while someone was doing my makeup, to my MIL's precious friends who set up decorations at the reception while we were off taking pictures, to the abundance of family and friends showing up at the church to give Joe and I their love and support. God's blessings were truly apparent that day. The sun was shining, the flowers were gorgeous, and we were surrounded by love -- all things that surely only a LOVING God could create.

TL: Flower girl, Avery TR: Church door wreaths from Fresh Cut Floral and Catering M: My then LITTLE brother cuttin' a rug BL: One of the many perfect photos from the talented Lovely Union Photographers BR: Capturing our reaction at seeing the reception space for the first time
It's true what they say though; after a wedding all to do with you and a honeymoon away from all the worries of the world, things get real... but man, isn't real the best part?! Yes, you have to work and fight and TRY, and most of marriage is not particularly glamorous, but through strife God is able to work and shine and now the love I have for Joe can only be exceeded by the love I have for my God. We could not love each other and care for each other the way we TRY to do if it weren't for the example Christ set and His love encompassing both of our hearts.

I love this sentiment from The Five Love Languages: "The object of love is not getting something you want but doing something for the well-being of the one you love." That seems obvious enough, but if there's one thing I've learned in three years, it's that this is not so obvious to the heart. I'm very grateful for a husband who takes care of me through thick and thin, through law school exams and clerkship applications, from right at home or 800 miles away.

And as I sit here reminiscing, I'm also reminded of the amazing music provided by my college choir for our ceremony. My favorite hymn they sang was "Love Diving All Loves Excelling." It is such a perfect retelling of Christ's love and wonderful wedding-day prayer for how we should strive to love each other.

But since I apparently have noooo idea how to slice up my wedding video to show you the clip, here's a Mormon Tabernacle Choir rendition that is ALMOST as good as it when it was sung by several sweet members Mississippi State Choir and directed by one of my very favorite people, Bruce Lesley. You should definitely take a listen; it's as beautiful as a hymn gets.

Happy Anniversary, Joe! I'm so grateful for these first three years, and excited I get to be Mrs. Davis for the rest of our lives!


  1. That first picture is gorgeous!! Congrats! Our first one is coming up next month!

    1. Congratulations, Becky! Hope you have some wonderful leftover cake to enjoy.

  2. Best wishes for a lifetime more! You were a stunning bride - and I love the 5 Love Languages too.

  3. I am so happy for the two of you - you are both very lucky to have found each other - love you both bunches.
    - Frother


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