Monday, January 23, 2012

Playing Catch Up

So I suppose as a newlywed with a blog, it was inevitable I would eventually fulfill the cliché of spending the first many months of marriage documenting every new and exciting adventure via blog only to settle in and neglect my creative and informative outlet.  But, as the story goes, after enough time I buckled down and am making my triumphant return (therefore fulfilling the cliché and even with a blog title to match)!

No Matter! 
As you can imagine lots has happened since my last blog post.  Approximately 4 law school finals, 1,900+ miles, 3 holidays, numerous get-togethers, and an Egg Bowl has happened.  

I am happy to report that Joe (and myself) made it through the first semester of UVA Law.  He of course is the brilliant, hard-working student, but I think there has to be some credit given to the spouse.  Let's just say the weeks of finals in bleak December were not all sunshine and daisies.  HOWEVER, we made it through and after a joyous yet busy Christmas season with family and friends, we came back to C'ville and finally "caught up" with one another.  I can't say we enjoyed the long days and (mostly for Joe) sleepless nights and somewhat pathetically relishing in the coincidence of just bumping into each other in the kitchen. But, after looking back, I now feel incredibly assured that, though surely law school will probably be minor of the course of our lives together, no matter what trials may come our way, we will be able to weather them together.

Now, since I am well-aware our life is not nearly interesting enough for a play-by-play of the last 2 months, I have taken the liberty of compiling a brief, but sweet if I say so myself, photo-montage of our winter so far.

**In the midst of travel and getting a new phone, I broke my camera's memory card and lost un-saved photos from my phone.  So, very much to my dismay, there are many missing photo-documented holiday events including the tree farm and my husband's first attempt at using an axe. My apologies.**

Back in Starkville! Lots of rainy fun at the Egg Bowl with old friends!

3 in a row!!!

Our Buddy.

He got to eat the cookies after he finished studying for his Torts final.

What blog post wouldn't be complete without either a sweet or somewhat demeaning picture of the 3rd Davis family member.  Here she poses in her winter sweater 2 sizes 2 small.  Possible video of her waddling in it coming soon to fb.

Cheesy, I know, but I made Joe an Advent calendar of sorts to countdown to Christmas break.  Each day he got to pull off a number and read his inspiring message for the day :) 
First Davis family Christmas tree.
Christmas morning gets a little crazy at the Majors'

Boys with their new toy.
Terrible quality, but it's from a very incredible, also dark, visit to the McCormick Observatory where we saw Jupiter!
First hiking trip back in VA to break in our new boots!


Gorgeous view of creation at the end of the hike.

Lots of love from the state for lovers,
Dianna and Joe

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  1. So glad you posted!! I was watching Ron Paul at the debate tonight and thinking of y'all :)

    I know getting through exams was hard for BOTH of you in very different ways, and I know Joe did an excellent job! (And you did too - Advent/exam calendar?? AWESOME).

    I think of you both often, and I'm so glad you're well! Love you! Casey


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