Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First Separation

So the time has come that my newlywed husband and I must leave each other's sides for more than a day.
I know I know...we knew this day would come, but really it is very bittersweet.  I am leaving for 10 days to travel for work and leaving my sweet Joe and Eliza at home.  And yes, this is sappy and cheesy, but if you have ever been a newlywed I'd like to think you understand.

So in light of a future bonding between my husband and cat, I will leave you with these photos of our child (clearly we are still a little lonely in Charlottesville).  She is our greatest source of entertainment during our frequent mid-week nights in, and I hope she'll forgive me for the exploitation.


She is very strange...

And very athletic!

This is "Da Bird"... we bought it at a very weird cat store, but it is the  best present we could have
ever gotten our cat and ourselves.. provides hours of entertainment.

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  1. Y'all are hilarious. Enjoyed the funny pictures. Love the one in the bathtub, so angry. hahaha.


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